Deadly Secrets by Robert Bryndza

Marissa reached up to put her key in the lock, but the gate creaked behind her. She froze. There was a faint scrape, and then a crunch of feet on the snow. She slowly turned.

Deadly Secrets book cover

DCI Erika Foster is straight back to work after tying up her last case; a series of harrowing murders and a tense manhunt that culminated in the kidnapping of her boss’s twin daughters. Now she is faced with tracking down the perpetrator of a vicious knife attack which took place just inches from the victim’s front door.

22 year-old Marissa Lewis’s mother opens her front door to find her daughter’s blood-soaked body frozen to the garden path. It soon emerges that there have been a disturbing number of other attacks in the area, carried out by an imposing figure dressed in black and wearing a gas mask.

As Erika and her team continue their investigation, it becomes clear that Marissa led a complicated life, and there are many people who might be happier if she was out of their lives. But which of them harboured enough hatred to kill?


I picked up the first book in the Detective Erika Foster series last year, and quickly worked my way through the rest. Deadly Secrets¬†is book number six, and certainly didn’t disappoint. What at first seems to be an isolated murder soon evolves into a much more complicated case, as the police learn more about Marissa and her lifestyle, and the spate of sex attacks taking place in the area.

Erika is an intriguing protagonist, and I think even reading this book as a standalone gives the reader a great insight into what drives her to be so uncompromising in her working life. I also feel that Erika’s ‘supporting cast’ are fleshed out, likeable characters, who all add to the overall story.

Robert Bryndza has a gift for pacing and plot, and Deadly Secrets kept me engaged from start to finish.

Erika sat up for a long time, watching the fire burn down through the window of the stove, feeling a long way away from it all.

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