Now You See by Max Manning

The world certainly looks different through the eyes of a killer. #IKiller

Now You See book cover

DCI Dan Fenton is used to hunting for killers, but this case poses challenges the like of which he has never faced before.

After posting before and after shots of his first murder online ‘I, Killer’ is going viral, and his hoards of followers will only push him to kill again, and again. DCI Fenton and his team are struggling to stay ahead of this tech-savvy psychopath, and all too soon for Fenton the danger draws far too close to home.

The police are watching for the killer to make a mistake and give them a lead, while his online fans are watching for his next gruesome post. Who will be rewarded first? Can I, Killer be caught?


It did not take long at all for me to get drawn in to Now You See. When a serial killer begins exploiting social media to build himself a following, the job of hunting him down becomes even more complicated. This story gives a great insight into the kinds of new expertise that are needed in modern policing; DCI Fenton is a talented, but somewhat old-school, detective, and his frustration at the Met’s inability to wipe I, Killer off the face of the internet becomes increasingly apparent as the body count rises.

It’s a rather sad indictment of present day humanity that it is all too easy to believe that a murderer posting their deeds on social media would soon gain a huge following of voyeuristic fans. I ploughed through this novel super quickly as the suspense and pacing were just right to keep me interested.

As a protagonist, I like Dan Fenton, although I didn’t feel that I learnt as much about who he is and what drives him as I might have liked. That being said, there are more Fenton novels to come, so I hope that’s something I can look forward to in future books. All in all, Now You SeeĀ is a solid, intriguing crime thriller, and I’ll be glad to have a new source for my next detective fix with more books from this author.

He has her ankle in his right hand and a mobile phone in his left. He aims the camera lens at her face. ‘I’m going to make you a star,’ he says.

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