The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

You are cordially invited to Blackheath House for

The Masquerade

Introducing your hosts, the Hardcastle family

Lord Peter Hardcastle & Lady Helena Hardcastle


Their son, Michael Hardcastle

Their daughter, Evelyn Hardcastle

Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle cover image

Evelyn Hardcastle will die tonight. Again.

Doomed to repeat the same fateful day over and over, Aidan Bishop knows that the only way to escape the loop is to find Evelyn’s killer. However, the deck seems to be stacked thoroughly against him as Aidan must fight to outwit those who would see him trapped in Blackheath for all eternity. Time is running out, and there are a myriad of intricate threads that Aidan must untangle if he is to solve this mystery once and for all.


Meticulously plotted, thrilling and full of surprises, this book was a real winner.

I read a lot of thrillers, crime novels and mysteries, and, as I’ve stated before, there are only so many stories in the world. As such, I can much of the time put together for myself the main points of a story’s resolution. Not so here. I was kept guessing until the very last stages of the tale, and I was not disappointed by the conclusion.

While this is perhaps not the easiest read, owing to a colourful and rather expansive cast of characters that it is important to keep up with, I found that the extra brain power I needed to stay up to speed was well rewarded by a compulsive page-turner that kept up the suspense and the excitement right the way through.

This was an engaging and atmospheric read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s difficult to expound upon the story further without spoilers, but if you enjoy a satisfying mystery that’s just a little bit out of the ordinary, I’d happily recommend this novel.

Now do you see? Escape isn’t to be found at the end of this dirt road; it’s through me. So run if you must. Run until you can’t stand, and when you wake up in Blackheath again and again, do so in the knowledge that nothing here is arbitrary, nothing overlooked. You’ll stay here until I decide otherwise.

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